Monday Div 1

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East Leake BC Gotham Road, East Leake LE12 6GJ None
WILLOWS L Hale 44 Angrave Road, East Leake  07936377113
Fosseway BC Between 52-54 The Fosseway Syston LE7 1NF None
FOSSEWAY J Gant 84 Sandiacre Dr, Thurmaston LE4 8GB 07506 109331
L’bro Phoenix BC Bowling Green Way, Park Rd LE11 2HH 01509 215840
PEGASUS C Smith 1 The Banks Barrow-o-S LE12 8NL 01509 416919
L’bro Queens Park BC Granby St, Loughborough LE11 None
QUEENS D Griffin 18 Lawrence Way L’bro LE11 5XZ 07789060291
Quorn Mills Park BC High Street, Quorn None
WEAVELS R Soars 1 Windermere Rd, Barrow LE12 8TN 01509 413042
Shepshed BC Charnwood Rd, Shepshed 01509 502130
RAMS K Alesbrook 16 Kirkhill, Shepshed LE12 9PB 01509 502772
Thringstone BC Loughborough Rd, Thringstone LE67 8LR None
WOODPECKERS R Sloan  29 Oakley Ave, Shepshed  07917400308
Wymeswold BC Clay Street, Wymeswold  None
WOLDS I Hollick 4 Woodlands Close, Wymeswold LE12 6TF 01509 881194